Flu season is here

Flu season is here

November 17, 2022 by Admin0

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Flu View report show extraordinarily high numbers of positive flu tests reported to the agency from labs around the US. As of November 5, nearly 14,000 positive flu tests had been reported.

This year’s early and meteoric rise in flu transmission is at least somewhat related to the fact that more people are being tested for the flu than during previous years. Over the past five weeks, nearly twice as many flu tests were done at clinical labs nationwide as during the same period last year.

More than five times as many people have been hospitalized for the flu so far this season than at the same point in any of the last 10 years. And unlike RSV, which poses the biggest threat to the youngest and oldest, the severe disease flu causes is more evenly spread across age groups. About one-third of the people who’ve been hospitalized for flu this year were 65 or older, while another quarter were ages 18 to 49.

Dr. Motameni, Highly recommends to use the basics of Hygiene, wash your hands, keep your safe distance, Cover your mouth and nose and your insurance usually covers the fees and so take your flu vaccine sooner.

flu season

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