Venous-Thromboembolic Disease

A recent French study headed by Dr. Emile Ferrari, head of Cardiology at the Hospital Pasteur in Nice, France, has now provided us with a scientific study confirming that long journeys are a major risk factor in development of blood clots in the legs-deep vein thrombosis. In fact, there is a belief that long journeys may be causative factors in as many as 25% of patients with blood clots in the legs. 'Recent travel, at least for journeys lasting more than 4 hours, represents a real risk factor for venous-thromboembolic disease, and seems to be a sufficient cause for the disorder,' said Dr. Ferrari. The development of blood clot following long journeys appears to be independent of mode of travel be it car, train or airplane. Our advice on this, when travelling for 4 hours or more, try stretching out (stop the car at rest areas and walk around, if by train or plane try standing up and walking up and down the aisle when feasible) every hour.

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